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The Story of DAMKO

DK Precision Outdoor, LLC DBA DAMKO, is a division of a well-known, ALL American made hobby manufacturer in Oregon established in 1946.

Born of an idea 12 years in the making, DAMKO was created for the outdoor enthusiast. After many years of brainstorming ideas, a natural evolution became apparent among many of the employees’ love for the outdoors and firearms. During discussions about what was missing from the “Classic and Nostalgic” market, we knew where to focus our talents and energies. We heard the voices of collectors and enthusiasts, and responded in turn.

It just so happened that the grandson of the founder of the original 1946 business had obtained a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and started on his own venture several years prior. Naturally, with the groundwork laid, classic pieces were purchased and the wheels started turning. A new subsidiary of the original 1946 hobby manufacturer was born!

DAMKO designs and manufacturers precision outdoor equipment including the Modern Martini Henry falling block rifle, patent pending suppressors, shooting gear, firearms accessories, customizable AR dust covers, and a lightweight rugged emergency backpack stove. Many of these new items are patent pending with new integrated features for a more reliable and safe product without compromising the beauty and nostalgia of the originals.